No More Parties

By Quinton   The first time I visited Los Angeles it was due to the miraculous power of adventurism. In early January of 2015, along with two companions, I spent eight days on the west coast with hopes that my musical aspirations could find the affirmation it needed. Being raised in Detroit, my idea of... Continue Reading →

Get Me Outta Here!!

GET ME OUTTA HERE!! By Jenae Scott   mil•len•nial NOUN A person reaching young adulthood around the year 2000. Since I was about 11 years old when we entered the millennium, was able to witness in real-time a Black presidency, am a part of the “Black Twitter” concept, am technology-prone with a propensity to entitlement,... Continue Reading →

It’s Never Too Late To Boss Up

It’s never too late to BOSS UP! By: Shan’Tasia Alexis We are the generations of go-getters and entrepreneurs. We now longer wait for success to magically come to us; we go out there and get it for ourselves! That’s one of the many reasons why I love my generation. Being a “boss” has become a... Continue Reading →

Preparing for the Day of Departure

By Quinton   A Few Tips on Preparing for the Day of Departure:   Do Everything Early Arrive to the airport early. You never know how TSA security lines may look or what rules may have changed. Go to your departure gate early. The flight may delay, the flight may cancel, the gate may change.... Continue Reading →

By Sophia   – BEAUTY – This months June Glossybox & Birchbox are going to be together. I find it so much easier putting them into one blog post, but also because it is nearly the end of the month and I want to get them both out before next month. June Glossybox This months Glossybox was a winner, just... Continue Reading →

Productivity and Presentee-ism

By Toby Aiken   This is a topic I’ve been wanting to write about for some time. I feel very strongly about the concept of work-life balance, and I often see people discussing these topics online. So now it’s my turn.   I work hard. I also have a family and young children. But here’s... Continue Reading →

Checking In & Checking Out

Life is stressful. No matter how many Twitter debates we scroll through, I think that we can all agree on that. It's also apparent that with millennials finishing degree programs at higher rates than generations before us just to be granted below par opportunities, we're working harder and stressing more. It's time to be a... Continue Reading →

Seizing The Luminarium – #ARUTV

  MartezDominique is an [ALIEN.ROBOT.UNICORN] based in the RDU area who experiments with pushing the limits of visual art and creative companionship.  Her Enchanted Endeavors can be found in #ARUTV, a short-circuit YouTube channel, that mainly captures major projects from brainstorm to performance—never in the format often expected.  Her dance foundation is based on experience... Continue Reading →

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